Safe Social Distancing (SSD)

The Safe Social Distancing (SSD) products by Kigis allow you to ensure a safety perimeter between people, also set a limit of people in a room and for safe access control.

With the widespread impact from COVID-19, maintaining efficiency with a limited or restricted workforce has never been more crucial than ever. The ShockWatch Safe Social Distancing (SSD) is a proximity monitoring solution designed to maintain the recommended safe physical distance between people within a workplace (offices, warehouses, logistics centres, factories, etc).

The versatility of the SSD allows development of a range of safety features to protect both staff and visitors at workplaces and to ensure compliance with social distancing guidelines. Based on Ultra Wideband technology, the versatility of our social distancing solution has allowed our team to develop a range of safety features to protect workers and customers, and to ensure they comply and maintain the recommended social distancing guidelines at your work site.

With all staff and visitors wearing a Social Distancing Tag (SDT), social distancing is maintained with both sound and vibration alerts. The safety range setting is adjustable to 5m. SDTs are rechargeable with operating times of up to 10 hours, and waterproof for ease of sanitising.

People Distancing

In order to comply with social distancing guidelines, the Social Distancing Tag (SDT) unit alerts by sound and vibration when other people (also wearing a SDT) approach. The safety range setting is available for distances up to 5 metres.

Area Distancing

A Zone Tag (ZT) unit detects the SDT once it enters the safety range. It sounds an alert if the number of people (wearing SDTs) in the area exceeds the preset threshold to avoid any gathering in the same space. The safety range setting is available for up to 30 metres.


Operation Voltage

Sound Level
87dB @ 0.1m

Operation Voltage

Battery Charging
Micro USB Type-B (5V/1A)

Battery Life

Charging time

40 x 72 x 19.5mm


Mount Type
Armband / Helmet Clip



Operating Temp

Storage Temp




Safe Social Distancing (SSD) Sales Sheet