EquipManager fleet manager

EquipManager is a wireless fleet management system that ensures OH&S compliance, controls access, detects impacts, and monitors equipment operation to improve safety while reducing damage-related costs.

When mounted to a forklift, the EquipManager assists in controlling access by ensuring that only trained or certified drivers operate the equipment, detect impacts and record event details with date, time and driver ID.

The EquipManager fleet management system detects impacts and collects usage data in real time. The configurable pre-shift safety checklist, accessible on an audio-visual display, ensures that you stay OH&S compliant and dramatically increases safety in your facility. Enhanced tracking capabilities allow you to quickly locate your equipment when you need it. Automatic alerts via e-mail, keep you informed about maintenance and training needs so you can plan accordingly and minimize the related costs.

  • Fully configurable pre-shift safety checklist through audio visual display
  • Real-time impact detection and recording through patented, user-adjustable sensor
  • Vehicle access control via multiple user-defined interfaces (iButtons, barcodes, and proximity cards)
  • Multi-parameter monitoring through customisable inputs such as fluid pressure, speed, temperature, lift count, travel time, key-on time,
  • and reverse count (8 digital inputs and 2 analog inputs)
  • Equipment location services
  • Customisable events and event processing, including more than 60 standard events
  • Lockout/tag out capability/inactivity logoff
  • Usage monitoring (time, cycles, repetitions, etc.)
  • Wireless data transmission (802.11b/g)
  • Support for WEP, WPA, WPA2 and LEAP security modes
  • User-definable maintenance alert
  • Full user menu with text messaging
  • Remote updating and configuration of device settings, firmware, and iButton key configuration
  • Flexible mounting locations and orientations
  • UL rating — Type E, EE, G, GS, LP, LPS, D, and DS

EquipCommand™ Software for Reliable Data Collection & Transmission
EquipCommand management software allows you to configure the EquipManager unit and receive the information you need to more effectively plan operations, reduce costs, and improve safety. Detailed reports and graphs communicate the data clearly so that you can analyse which procedures are working and which areas require improvement. Because the program transmits notices and alerts through your preferred method of communication, users can stay informed on the road, in the field or in remote parts of a facility.

Equipcommand software screen


Operating Temperature
-4°F/-20°C to +140°F/+60°C
(optional heater available for cold room applications)
Operating Humidity
0–100% non condensing
Impact Detection Range
User-adjustable threshold 0.3G to 7G
Operating Shock
10G (nondestructive)/100G (destructive)
Output Alarm
Piezoelectric 98 dB
Case Size
Main Unit: 11 cm x 11 cm x 7.1 cm
Control Head: 15.9 cm x 9.5 cm x 7 cm
Case Material
Main Unit: Polystyrene
Control Head: Polycarbonate
Case Rating
Power Source
10 to 60 VDC
Relay Output
Normally open contact fused @ 5 amps
Normally closed contact fused @ 10 amps
Data Storage Capacity
1300 events (operator log on/off) (impact time/date)
1000 authorized operators
Data Retrieval
8K x 8 memory device and/or RF data transmission
Radio Specifications
802.11 WiFi:
IEEE 802.11b/g Direct Sequence Compliance Protocol
FCC Part 15 Class B, ETS 300.339
Compliance Bandwidth: 2.4 to 2.5GHz
Receiver Sensitivity: -81 dB
8 Digital:
max voltage 64 VD
Modes: change of state, counter, timer, interrupt
High Transition Voltage <= 7 VDC
Low Transition Voltage >= 2 VDC
Minimum Hysterisis: 0.8 V2 Analog:
max voltage 64 VDC
Modes: high/low levels, change of state, counter, timer
Full scale approximately 64 VDC
10-bit resolution
Control Head Display
2 X 20 transmissive, green LED, black/white LCD
5 X 8 character format


What is the EquipManager?

The TotalTrax EquipManager is a wireless monitoring system that ensures OSHA compliance, controls access, detects impacts and monitors equipment operation.

What benefits are there from using the EquipManager?

EquipManager provides the information you need to reduce costs associated with maintenance, repair, and damage to your facility, equipment and products.
Ensure OSHA compliance with a safety checklist for all authorised operators. Improve operating efficiencies with automatic alerts regarding operator training and maintenance needs. With an extensive array of sensor inputs and state-of-the-art wireless networking capabilities, EquipManager is a powerful tool to help you improve workplace safety and reduce damage related costs.

What applications could the EquipManager be used on?

The EquipManager has many applications:

♦ Material handling equipment (forklift trucks, pickers, etc.)
♦  Fleet vehicles (everything from lift trucks to school buses)
♦ Earth-moving equipment (skidsters, backhoes, etc.)
♦ Construction equipment (dump trucks, conveyors, etc.)
♦ People-moving equipment
♦ Airport ground equipment
♦ Manufacturing equipment

What access control methods are available?

The EquipManager can allow for operator access using either ibuttons, company card or PIN#s via the units keypad

Does the EquipManager have an electronic safety checklist?

Yes, the unit can be setup with a safety checklist specific for each type of vehicle. Questions allow for the vehicle to be not operational if it is a visual check to operational when the question calls for the vehicle to move etc (e.g check brakes). Questions can be setup to either allow operators to be able to still operate the vehicle when a question is failed or to lock the vehicle out until the problem has been rectified.

Can I monitor other vehicle functions?

Yes, other vehicle functions can be monitored usually with the addition of a third party device. There are 8 digital and 2 analogue inputs that can be used to monitor these functions. A voltage change or being on/off is usually required to perform this. Customisable inputs such as fluid pressure, temperature, lift count, travel time, key-on time, and reverse count can be monitored

Can impacts be monitored?

Yes, the unit has an onboard tri axial accelerometer. Both horizontal and vertical impacts can be monitored. Any impacts over the set alarm level will trigger a peizo alarm for a settable time period. Emails can be sent to anyone setup to receive them for this event.

Can the vehicle be shutdown after an impact has occurred?

Yes, the vehicle can be shutdown after an impact has occurred over the settable impact alarm level. The unit has a Halt on Impact function with a Halt Delay period in secs. When an impact occurs over the set level the unit will still be able to be driven for the time set in the Halt Delay area. The vehicle will roll to a stop. The operator can log in again and operate the vehicle for a further 20 secs as an extra safety precaution. After 20 secs the vehicle will shutdown again. This will occur until the incident is investigated and reset by the appropriate person with a reset key.

How many events can the EquipManager hold?

The unit can hold up to 1300 events. If the unit is out of wifi range for any length of time it will store the events and then once it comes back into wifi range again it will download those stored events to the software.


EquipManager Brochure
Equipment Monitors Product Selection Guide
EquipCommand Software Brochure



Total Trax EquipCommand™ software interfaces with onboard Equipment Monitor products, allowing managers to monitor fleet performance from their workstations in real time via your companies wifi network.

EquipCommand features and screen shots

  • Intuitive user interface for easy navigation
  • Drag-and-drop widgets for easy personalisation of the dashboard
  • Customisable widgets and display settings
  • Graphs and charts that clearly represent fleet information
  • Ability to view fleet information for multiple facilities at the same time
  • Dashboard view of all monitoring units, maintenance schedules, and event history
  • Reporting widget with multiple dropdown filter options for fast report generation
  • Allows for automated report generation and distribution
  • Setup wizards for fast and easy unit configuration, access assignments, and definition of events / alerts
  • Standard reports screen with multiple dropdown filter options for fast report generation
  • Unit setup menu for managing worksite locations, equipment types and owners, safety checklist prompts, and safety messages
  • Screens for configuring input ports for each ShockWatch Equipment Monitor
  • Event setup menu for defining and configuring events and the required action for each
  • Alert setup menu for managing alerts, warning thresholds, and alert targets
  • Access control menu for managing lists of supervisors, personnel, iButtons, and work shifts or assignments